La Jolla, California, December 15th, 2017 — Presearch, the decentralized search engine powered by the community, is excited to reveal the winners of its recent Presearch Token referral contest.

Announced on November 14th at the start of the final Presearch Token crowdsale, the contest featured one of the largest prizes ever in the cryptocurrency space — 10 BTC.

The winners of the contest were the ones who referred the most sales of Presearch Tokens in the project’s fifth and final crowdsale between November 14th and 29th.

Presearch teamed up with Crypto Asset Management, one of the world’s largest crypto funds, to verify the contest results and announce the winners.

“Crypto Asset Management is thrilled to participate in the Presearch 10 BTC contest and ensure the legitimacy of the results,” said Tim Enneking, Managing Director at Crypto Asset Management.

The Grand Prize winner of the contest with the most tokens sold at 302,090 is the Wolf.Foundation, the members-only club operated by professional cryptocurrency trader and social media personality, The Wolf of Poloniex.

“Congratulations to our Grand Prize winner of 10 Bitcoin, the Wolf.Foundation, for driving the sale of more than three hundred thousand Presearch Tokens, a most-impressive performance!” exclaimed Enneking.

When told the good news of the Wolf.Foundation’s 10 BTC win, ‘Wolf’ replied, “Amazing. I’m thrilled to be declared the winner of 10 BTC from the contest, and to have been able to win it while promoting a project that I truly believe in.”

In addition to the Grand Prize of 10 BTC, the Presearch contest provided 10 runners-up with 20,000 Presearch PRE tokens valued at $5,000 each.

The winners of the runner-up prizes are as follows:

  1. Billy W
  2. Ioan C
  3. Praveen S
  4. Kouichi S
  5. Emad A
  6. Michael L
  7. French C
  8. Bartholomew I
  9. Marlana A
  10. Mediha K

These winners will also receive a special Presearch ‘Team P’ shirt and a congratulatory phone call with Presearch Team Lead, Colin Pape.

“I can’t wait to speak with these awesome members of our community,” Colin said. “They are great contributors to our project who worked hard to spread the word about Presearch to their networks of contacts. We appreciate their support for the Project!”

The token prizes will be transferred to the winners’ wallet addresses and phone calls with Colin will be arranged immediately via email.

“We’d like to thank all who participated in this contest and who have supported Presearch along the way. This is a community effort, and we’re so fortunate to have such great people behind us,” said Pape.

For more information about Presearch, please visit or follow along on the Official Project Twitter account. You can also join the unofficial member community on Telegram.

You can learn more about Crypto Asset Management on the company’s website at


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