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1. How can I sign up for beta version of Presearch?


2. When search engine will be ready?

  • Search engine will be ready to use in 12-18 months.


3. Can I widthdraw reward tokens from presearch.org?

  • Tokens will be available for transfer out after we exit beta. We are still implementing fraud prevention measures to ensure people are not gaming the system, and will enable them to transfer tokens out after we've concluded beta and a final review. We are planning for Q2 of 2018.


4. Where I can buy Presearch token (PRE)?


5. What is the current price of Presearch token (PRE)?


6. What wallet can I use for Presearch token (PRE)?


7. What is the difference between Google and Presearch?

  • Presearch share the revenue that google traditionally makes when you click on ads.
  • Presearch does not share your data with third parties for profit.
  • Presearch will be a transparent and fair engine, meaning search results will be determined by the algorithm and not by the company.


8. When will beta testing end?

  • When the devs are satisfied with the result and can roll out Presearch as a working product. We are planning for Q2 of 2018. Visit Presearch Telegram channel often for updates.


9. Is Presearch working on more exchange listing?

  • The community is working on more exchange listing.


10. What was Presearch token (PRE) price during crowdsale?

  • From 0.075 USD in Lot 1 to 0.25 USD in Lot 5


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